Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hey guys, sorry I've been away so long! I recently got a new job and since I'm in the second year of my degree, my studies have gotten a lot more serious and I'm all like:

 I've decided to suspend the Drawing Challenge for now because I'm not sure whether I'll have time to do it.
So much has been going on in my life lately and I want to apologize to everyone who has left nice comments on the blog while I was away...I'm sorry for not responding!
I'll do my best to get some proper doodle entries up in the next while, don't be afraid to pester me if it takes me TOO long!
Also, here's something to amuse you while you wait:
Baby Waynes World! Ahhh the magic of Tumblr...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Poll Results and Quick Post

So the poll results are in...*drum roll* :

So it looks like I'll be doing a combination of stick-men and more detailed posts. How has everyone's summers been going? I've just been relaxing in the splendor of nature...

Except I live in Ireland so it's not quite as sunny and bright...

What has everyone else been doing with their summer? Not wasting it like me, I hope!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Photo Entries

I've decided that every once and awhile I'm going to do a Photo Entry. I kind of enjoyed doing the last one with the photos from camping so it made sense to do it as a semi-regular thing. So here's a bunch of pictures I took awhile back of my nail-art (I get bored easily).


Toadstool from Mario

Kind've blurry pic of Gir from Invader

A Pac Man ghost. I'm aware there is no green Pac Man
ghost..I just really like this colour. I named him
Winky so he fits in with the others :)

And that's it for now...a little glimpse at my utter nerdyness. I love doing nail art and if you happen to have any requests for me, or you'd like a step-by-step, do leave a comment below. Also, please vote in the poll if you have a second! Thanks!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bad Camping Trip

As I mentioned in my last post, a few things went wrong on my recent camping trip. The first thing that went wrong was that we didn't really get to go camping out in the wilderness. We had planned to use an area out in the great outdoors, many miles from anywhere. When we arrived there, however, there was a great big sign posted on a newly built gate. It informed us that the lands had been bought up for private use and that camping on them were now strictly prohibited.

It was so last-minute when we discovered this that we decided to just camp in my friend's backyard (she has a half acre garden so we camped at the end of it and pretended we were out in nature) rather than wandering aimlessly through the countryside in search of a non-purchased area of land to camp on.
We began to settle in and pitch the tents and everyone's mood was picking up again. Then it took about two hours to light the camping grill we had brought with us. We were determined to eat outdoors by our own means at the very least because we were still pretending to be in the wilderness. This meant we banned ourselves from using the grill inside my friend's house. We were starving and all the grill would do was produce insane amounts of smoke.

Just when we were about to give in to the fact that we had failed yet again, the grill miraculously began burning correctly and we hurriedly made ourselves some food. Once again our moods lifted and we broke into our supplies of junk food. Later in the night, we settled down to sleep.
I didn't sleep very well the first night. Ireland isn't an extremely cold country, it is mild at most, but for some reason my tent seemed to really enjoy working part-time as a freezer. From half one in the morning until about 9am I looked like a giant bag of ice inside my sleeping bag. My teeth were chattering and I felt utterly miserable.

At around nine the next morning I woke up struggling to breathe. My tent had finished it's nighttime shift as a freezer and had begun it's daytime shift as an oven. I swear I could actually smell my hair burning it was that hot. I had woken up because my black leather jacket (which was basically cooking) had brushed against one of my toes and burnt me. I felt so lightheaded that I started hallucinating. The inside of the tent wavered like a mirage. I saw beautiful colours in the roof of the tent and had an out of body experience.

Then I fought my way out of tent, collapsed in the lovely, normal-temperature grass and took a huge gulp of water. This was a huge relief to my system and I was so pleased that it took me a few hours to realize that the rapid change in temperature during the night had caused my mild cough to become a rather painful chest infection. I spent the second night of the two-night trip wrapped up in all the clothes I owned, sipping 'Lemsip' and wheezing pathetically.
The day I got home I showered for what felt like a year (a very well spent year), ate a salad (which felt like ambrosia after all the junk-food) and got into my very own bed. In a previous post, I said changing my bed-sheets was like trying to fight with a giant marshmallow. Well, when I got into bed after that camping trip, it felt like that same marshmallow had resolved his differences with me and was cuddling me gently to sleep. I don't think I will ever leave the comforts of my home again.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


For the last few days I've been away on a camping trip. It was my first time going camping and although plenty of things went comically wrong, it was a fun experience.
I'm still exhausted from sleeping rough so rather than do a doodle post, below I have included some pictures taken while I was away. Most of them are scenic pictures because I love the lush green colours of Ireland's countryside. I complain a lot about the people who run this country, but I will never argue the use of the nickname 'Emerald Isle' for the island itself. I've been abroad a lot but I've never come across a place as green and as vibrant looking as the countryside in Ireland during the summer.
Early morning shot of a nearby field

A white German Shepard I made friends with :) Picture taken through the bug flap of the tent

My shadow on the grass

A cow field near the beach

There's my buddy again!

At the beach

The beach again

I'll put up a normal doodle post about my many incidents and failures during my trip in a few days. Watch this space and don't forget to vote in the poll if you haven't already done so!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dealing With Arguments When You're Bad With Conflict

I'm not the most rational person during an argument. I tend to get over-emotive...all flailing limbs and no logic. I have however, learned a few basic things about what-to-do and what-not-to-do during arguments.
If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake that you aren't), your face will be as readable as an open large-print book in a sunshine-filled room. This particular curse makes it almost impossible for me to lie (various twitches give me away). It also makes me look like a child having a tantrum during an argument (face goes red and puffy, jaw sets, brows deeply furrowed).
One thing I CAN control about my facial expressions (now that I've been made aware of it) is a thing I call Crazy Eyes. This is where the rage inside me is so acute that the madness actually shines from my of them usually partially closes too, which of course just adds to an overall crazy-person demeanor and doesn't give me any brownie points for logic during an argument.

Facial expressions like this are a no-no because they show that you are not in control of your emotions (because if you can't even control your face..).
Another bad idea is to use body language such as pointing. Pointing your finger (either at the person you are arguing with or just generally around the room) gives off big stinky vibes of accusation and blame-laying.

It's important to keep calm during an argument. Even if you are anxious to get out your side of the story, you need to listen to the other party's information first. As hard as this is, do your very best not to think about your own side of the argument while they are telling you theirs. Use all of your attention to listen. Nod, respond appropriately and even smile if you can muster up that kind of positive energy.

This doesn't mean that you should stand there all meek and submissive. You cannot behave like a tyrant during an argument because that will get you nowhere long-term, but you shouldn't allow yourself to be walked on like a doormat either.
Does your brain turn to lava during an argument? Mine does too. Sometimes all I want to do is cry, while other times I feel like I'm going blind from the rage.

If it's all too much for you, tell the other party you would rather discuss matters when you have both calmed down...Then go home and do what I do in these situations: Make them as a character on The Sims and kill them over and over ad nauseam until you have vented out sufficient rage to deal with the other party like a normal human being.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Being Sick and Noisy Neighbours

I hate being sick. Which sucks, because that's exactly what I've been for the past two weeks. Instead of ticking off items on my Summer Checklist, I've been lying around in my old hoodie, feeling simultaneously too cold to take it off and too warm to feel any way close to human while it's still on.

And while I'm lying there feeling like a living, breathing neighbors decide they want to have an unreasonably loud garden party. They also, wonder of wonders, decide to play one of the most irritating songs on the face of the earth to max volume on a stereo they have dragged outside for the sole purpose of exacerbating my condition.   

I love Beyonce as much as the next gal, but I don't know what she was thinking when she recorded that song. I wish she would go back to her 'Work It Out' days. I also wish my house was soundproof...or that I could temporarily lose my sense of hearing while unwell. That damn song was stuck in my head for the duration of the day...

New and Improved!

I've decided I'm going to try my best to do at least one post a month where the people I draw are not stick-like and more detail is put into backgrounds and props. This is not because I think the stick-men are too easy or that they don't look as good. It's actually a lot harder to draw using only stick men as there are so many limitations as to what gestures they can do. For example, it's very hard to show a stick man holding a stick as it ends up looking like his arm has been broken in several places.
So, as my first of these new and improved posts, I give you an image inspired by the LGBT Pride parade I went to and the drama with Charlie Sheen (Yeah, I know I'm a bit late with that but my brain's a tiny bit slow on the uptake). There were a lot of posters with the a symbol representing bisexuality which I thought looked really clever and cool. Then as I was looking at one, the infamous Charlie Sheen line occured to me and I thought it would be funny to combine the two:
Holy crap, I have teeth!..and clothes! And digits! :D

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The No-No's

I'm extraordinarily sensitive to caffeine and various other hyper-inducing products. Some of the things that induce giddyness in me are surprising. My top five no-no's are as follows:

The other day I wanted to do my nails for a party. Unfortunately I had two...not one, but TWO products from the no-no list before attempting this. An orange and a cup of tea. My hands, rather than being their usual I'm-on-a-bumpy-bus-journey steady...were shaking in a way that would suggest to an onlooker that the richter scale was doing the mambo. I had originally set out to do my nails carefully and slowly in order to keep both them and my desk neat and tidy.

After making a thorough mess of the place and my hands...I removed the nail varnish and attempted to start again. It was then that I realised I had run out of white nail polish. If I had been thinking straight, I would have chosen another colour...but I had had two no-no's and was feeling rebellious. I attempted to replace white nail varnish with tip-ex.

Here's my top nail-designing tip: NEVER replace white nail varnish with tip-ex. My nails were ruined and my desk was an even bigger mess than before. This hardly bothered me in my elevated state however.

I proceeded two hours later to momentarily mix up my razor with my toothbrush...I was seconds away from shaving a layer of enamel from my teeth when I realised my mistake and quickly swapped them over again.

Maybe I should stick to water and crackers for the duration of my existence...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kids Movies

*WARNING: This entry contains spoilers for the movies: Up, Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1 and 2 and Wall-E. If you haven't seen them...well, why the heck haven't you???..Go watch them before you read this! *

I love kids movies. I think I love them more than movies more appropriate to my age. I especially love Pixar films as they always get the right balance between happiness and sadness. 
Lately I was talking to my Better Half about how I cry while watching every single one of my favorite kids films. This means he can't be around me when I watch them because he just doesn't know what to do with himself. I don't think he realizes that most of the time I'm crying out of happiness or because something is touching and not because I feel actually bad in any way.
My best friend recently bought me a copy of the movie 'Up'. This is a curse as well as a blessing as I sob uncontrollably about four times at different points in this film. Its mainly due to the plot about Ellie and Carl's past..and the scrapbook scene near the end. During those scenes I sit in front of the TV and sob my silly little heart out.

It's confusing to watch 'Up' because moments after I feel like my heart is breaking, Dug and Kevin come on-screen and do/say something that has me in hysterics laughing!

The movies that have the longest standing record with me for being sad enough to make me cry are the first two Toy Story Films. To this day I can watch them and still bawl my eyes out.
The first Toy Story has the scene where Buzz finds out he really is a toy but attempts to fly anyway, probably because he has a head made of plastic and therefore isn't that bright.

The second Toy Story has the story of Jessie the cowgirl. When I was little I loved Jessie. Her character reached out to me: a stubborn, independent young lady with tonnes of energy and a devil may care attitude. She was what I wanted to be like in every way at that age. Hearing her back story had me in tears, and still causes me to well up to this day, 11 years later.
I should probably go back to stick figures, this is just dreadful.

Another feisty female character that I really like from kids movies is Eve from Wall-E. How could you not like her? When she's happy she has the most adorable little giggle and looks like this:

And when she's annoyed she has a really cool gun hidden in her arm and she looks intimidating as heck!

Wall-E made me cry about twice. The worst was when Eve sees Wall-E's security tapes when he's shut down and realizes what good care he took of her when she was on standby mode. That was just hella sweet ^_^

A movie that I just remembered, Monsters Inc, made me cry once  just because at the very end things work out in a sweet way. I love the character of Boo, she's just so cute. She reminds me of Agnes from the Despicable Me movie. I'd squish their adorable little faces if I got half the chance! Boo's little monster costume was the cutest thing ever! ^_^


Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Summer Checklist

Now that my exam results have come out (I thankfully passed my first year in University!), I can begin my summer at last. I have come up with a few things I want to have done/ have planned for the onslaught of empty days to come.
This Saturday is when I kick start my To Do list. In Dublin (the city I live in), there will be a Gay Pride Festival as part of Pride week. I'm going to this with one of my best friends. We have already armed ourselves with the necessities required to make the day more fun.
Following this initial breaking-the-ice event, I have the rest of my Summer planned as the following:

1. Reward myself for all my hard work during the college year by sleeping in late.

2. Make up for all the parties I missed during the exam season by partying HARD.

3. Have another lie in to recover from all that intense partying.

4. Get my hair cut. This is usually an ordeal because the woman who cuts my hair only ever talks to me about three things: Going abroad, college, and the weather. I'm not going abroad this year. I don't want to talk about college during the summer. The weather in Ireland is consistently either mild or rainy; never an exciting conversation topic. I wish she would just say nothing at all and get on with the hair cut. She also wears so much makeup she reminds me of an oompa loompa AND she chastises me on the condition of my hair!....Whoops, I'm ranting! Moving on...
5. Go to Eirtakon (an Irish cosplay convention) as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon (or in a similarly geeky costume).

6. Teach myself how to shuffle like Redfoo and SkyBlu by watching LMFAO videos all day.

7. Have an Epic Mealtime Day. If you don't know what Epic Mealtime is, go to Youtube here in order to watch one of my favorite videos of theirs. In short, they specialize in creating meals that are extremely high in calories.

If I have planned this out correctly, all of this will take me precisely one week. Which leaves me with eleven more to spend wallowing in my own boredom.

Halfway through writing this post I was invited to a party that's on tomorrow..looks like my official summer is getting started a day early!

Have a great summer, whatever you do!