Thursday, 14 April 2011

Daydreaming and why reality sucks...

I will be the first to point out a serious flaw in my day-to-day behavior; I'm a chronic daydreamer. I spend about 70% of a weekday in my own mind somewhere. And it's very rarely your average run-of-the-mill daydream. I very often get carried away with daydreams. To the point where I randomly flail limbs or let slip utterances, the way someone would move or talk in their sleep. I'm pretty sure I get all that extra leg room on the train for a reason; commuters probably think I'm a nutter at this stage.
 I've heard people talking about their imaginings when bored. They seem to believe that they are odd for the things they divulge, ashamed of themselves for it. That's kinda frightening to me, listening to the stuff they talk about. If I was to tell them about what I daydream about, I don't think they would think twice before calling the nice men with the backwards jackets for me.
There seems to be a few stages of daydream for me. The first stage occurs where there is a few minutes of silence in a conversation and my mind wanders briefly. It usually only ends up with me imagining myself in somewhat nicer/superior surroundings than what my reality entails.
For example, from this:
To this:
Not a dramatic change and so rarely effects my outward appearance or behavior, except for a slight elevation in my mood.

The next type involves slightly more imagination. It again rarely effects my outward appearance to others. It does however give me a private smug satisfaction because I know they cannot see the awesomeness of what I can see.
For example, from this:
To this:

The last kind of daydream for me is a dangerous one. This is the limb-flailer. This is the one that causes me to make a fool of myself in public if my imaginings get too vivid. Because of the detail and planning that go into these types of daydreams,they are affectionately known by myself and another Crazy, as 'Brain Movies'. 

A Brain Movie can often be inspired by the smallest of things. Take for example, yesterday. It was 7am, I had just woken up (late) and without even having time to brush my hair, ran to the station to make it for my train. As I was inserting my train ticket into the validation machine, the hand gesture caused me to tumble into my own imagination. It was probably as a defensive mechanism for my horrified mind. Being up at 7am and jogging for half an hour when you're supremely unfit will do that to a gal.
It ended up leading to a wonderful daydream about having a pair of shades equal in coolness to those of Horatio Caine's and getting into a Western style shoot-out in a desert.
Needless to say, I killed all the bad guys in a fittingly awesome way and strode off into the sunset as mysterious and cool as they come. 

Then I got off my train and struggled through 5 hours of lectures.


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