Sunday, 29 May 2011

After-Party Effects

The exams and after-party of my Better Half's graduation ceremony went as expected. The initial panic and disorganisation gave way to a light anxiety and some form of order.
When I arrived at the party I had to make a choice, however. Either allow myself to break completely loose in celebration of the end of my exams (which includes copius amounts of alcohol and junkfood being ingested and dancing until my ankles bleed)...
or reel myself in so that my Better Half could be the wild one for the night.
Seeing as how it was BH's graduation and I was only finishing my first year at college, I decided to reel myself in and be good as gold. I did, however, dance my butt off and thouroughly enjoy myself but without going overboard.
Even when a small amount of alcohol is drunk, I always wake up the next day with insane cravings for food I usually avoid. When I woke up the morning after I just HAD to have a cheeseburger. It HAD to be from a fastfood place that I normally avoid like the plague. When I got that cheeseburger, I imagine the madness must have shone from my eyes. I tried to remain reserved in my behaviour but the intense desire for food made me feel savage. Is it even humanly possibly to consume an entire cheeseburger in under a second?
Then there was the hellish walk home. Even though I was now wearing sneakers instead of the totteringly high heels of the previous night, I felt exhausted from dancing and my feet felt bruised. I needed sleep, and lots of it. The walk home while hungover felt like I was dragging myself down an endless road in the middle of the desert.
When I got home, I thought the feeling of grogginess would never end. I felt miserable that even though I had restrained myself the night previously and consumed very little alcohol, I still felt tired and grumpy. I dragged myself into the kitchen and made myself a cup of Hangover Cure (i.e. tea). Tea has an interesting effect on us Irish drinkers the morning after. It effectively creates an invisible barrier between the drinker and everything and anyone else in the world.

This lasts until the very last drop of tea is gone, at which point the tea has rejuvenated our tired souls and we can face the world yet again...probably for another bout of drinking.

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