Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Great Crepes Failure of '11

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at making crepes. By myself. With no adult supervision.
You're probably wondering why I'm making such a big deal about this. Surely an able-bodied twenty-year-old can manage to make one of the most simple food treats in existence without help? ...In response to this, maybe you should read my previous posts. That may give you a clue as to why this was such a big challenge for me.
Anyway, it was a sunny day and I was hungry. That is usually a good mix for attempting to learn new food-related skills so it seemed to make sense to try a recipe I enjoyed but had never attempted (for health and safety reasons).
It started off perfectly fine, even seemed like I might actually do it right.
I began to get arrogant very quickly due to my easy start, dreaming up the world's most delicious crepe as made by yours truly. Imagining scores of fans begging for my amazing recipe. These fantasies only urged me on as I whisked the ingredients together into a batter.
I was very hungry and was beginning to imagine the crepes as I thought they would turn out like. I wandered off in a daydream as I continued to whisk the ingredients. 
My arm started to tire. The batter still didn't look quite right. There were globs of ingredients floating together and no matter how hard I whisked they stubbornly remained. It was only then I snapped back to reality and realized I had been whisking for quite some time.

A family member helpfully pointed out that the lumps in my batter were caused by the butter that I was supposed to melt prior to mixing. My crepe dreams were hopelessly shattered. Frustrated and hungry, I cleaned up the batter and spilt ingredients and wandered like a wraith through the kitchen. My stomach growled menacingly and I began to search the room for other sources of yummyness.

Sitting on one of the counters, was a lone cookie. It seemed to smile at me. Gone were my dreams of becoming a celebrity chef, a Crepe Connoisseur. All I cared about was something to fill my childish longing for sweets.
With cookie crumbs on my mouth and my tummy's urgent need for junk food momentarily fulfilled, my aspirations began to climb once more. 
Cookie Connoisseur...yeah..that has a nice ring to it...


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