Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kids Movies

*WARNING: This entry contains spoilers for the movies: Up, Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1 and 2 and Wall-E. If you haven't seen them...well, why the heck haven't you???..Go watch them before you read this! *

I love kids movies. I think I love them more than movies more appropriate to my age. I especially love Pixar films as they always get the right balance between happiness and sadness. 
Lately I was talking to my Better Half about how I cry while watching every single one of my favorite kids films. This means he can't be around me when I watch them because he just doesn't know what to do with himself. I don't think he realizes that most of the time I'm crying out of happiness or because something is touching and not because I feel actually bad in any way.
My best friend recently bought me a copy of the movie 'Up'. This is a curse as well as a blessing as I sob uncontrollably about four times at different points in this film. Its mainly due to the plot about Ellie and Carl's past..and the scrapbook scene near the end. During those scenes I sit in front of the TV and sob my silly little heart out.

It's confusing to watch 'Up' because moments after I feel like my heart is breaking, Dug and Kevin come on-screen and do/say something that has me in hysterics laughing!

The movies that have the longest standing record with me for being sad enough to make me cry are the first two Toy Story Films. To this day I can watch them and still bawl my eyes out.
The first Toy Story has the scene where Buzz finds out he really is a toy but attempts to fly anyway, probably because he has a head made of plastic and therefore isn't that bright.

The second Toy Story has the story of Jessie the cowgirl. When I was little I loved Jessie. Her character reached out to me: a stubborn, independent young lady with tonnes of energy and a devil may care attitude. She was what I wanted to be like in every way at that age. Hearing her back story had me in tears, and still causes me to well up to this day, 11 years later.
I should probably go back to stick figures, this is just dreadful.

Another feisty female character that I really like from kids movies is Eve from Wall-E. How could you not like her? When she's happy she has the most adorable little giggle and looks like this:

And when she's annoyed she has a really cool gun hidden in her arm and she looks intimidating as heck!

Wall-E made me cry about twice. The worst was when Eve sees Wall-E's security tapes when he's shut down and realizes what good care he took of her when she was on standby mode. That was just hella sweet ^_^

A movie that I just remembered, Monsters Inc, made me cry once  just because at the very end things work out in a sweet way. I love the character of Boo, she's just so cute. She reminds me of Agnes from the Despicable Me movie. I'd squish their adorable little faces if I got half the chance! Boo's little monster costume was the cutest thing ever! ^_^


Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Summer Checklist

Now that my exam results have come out (I thankfully passed my first year in University!), I can begin my summer at last. I have come up with a few things I want to have done/ have planned for the onslaught of empty days to come.
This Saturday is when I kick start my To Do list. In Dublin (the city I live in), there will be a Gay Pride Festival as part of Pride week. I'm going to this with one of my best friends. We have already armed ourselves with the necessities required to make the day more fun.
Following this initial breaking-the-ice event, I have the rest of my Summer planned as the following:

1. Reward myself for all my hard work during the college year by sleeping in late.

2. Make up for all the parties I missed during the exam season by partying HARD.

3. Have another lie in to recover from all that intense partying.

4. Get my hair cut. This is usually an ordeal because the woman who cuts my hair only ever talks to me about three things: Going abroad, college, and the weather. I'm not going abroad this year. I don't want to talk about college during the summer. The weather in Ireland is consistently either mild or rainy; never an exciting conversation topic. I wish she would just say nothing at all and get on with the hair cut. She also wears so much makeup she reminds me of an oompa loompa AND she chastises me on the condition of my hair!....Whoops, I'm ranting! Moving on...
5. Go to Eirtakon (an Irish cosplay convention) as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon (or in a similarly geeky costume).

6. Teach myself how to shuffle like Redfoo and SkyBlu by watching LMFAO videos all day.

7. Have an Epic Mealtime Day. If you don't know what Epic Mealtime is, go to Youtube here in order to watch one of my favorite videos of theirs. In short, they specialize in creating meals that are extremely high in calories.

If I have planned this out correctly, all of this will take me precisely one week. Which leaves me with eleven more to spend wallowing in my own boredom.

Halfway through writing this post I was invited to a party that's on tomorrow..looks like my official summer is getting started a day early!

Have a great summer, whatever you do!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Incidents and Accidents

When I was little, one of my favorite activities seemed to be trying to get myself irreversibly harmed in some way. Recently I was discussing one of these incidents with a friend of mine. 
It all started because I was left alone for five minutes (something that is unheard of with post-nineties children). I was happily playing with my mothers makeup, as little girls are apt to do.
It was all going just fine until I picked up a bobby pin. For those of you who don't know, a bobby pin is simply a bendy little piece of metal that women use to hold back errant bits of hair. Unfortunately for me, metal can conduct electricity. I'm sure you already see where this is going (because why else would I have included a plug socket so conveniently in the doodles?).
My little brain began to do it's thing; calculating what might happen should I put this piece of metal inside the plug socket. 
Needless to say, my calculations did NOT include the phrase "you will be electrocuted". I think "gain super human strength" was in there somewhere, however.
I twisted the little piece of metal so that the prongs would stick into two of the holes of the plug socket. The moment the metal touched the inside of the socket, I got a nasty shock and the trip-switch shut down the power for the entire house. My parents, who were in another room, saw that the power cut out and panicked. This had been one of many incidences where I had caused household freak-outs. 
When they ran into the room where I sat, all they saw was a shell-shocked child.
This, as every parent knows, is the calm before the storm. It took a few seconds to dawn on me what had happened. Then came the tears.
I was determined to have suffered no physical damage after this incident...but I still occasionally get an intensely itchy feeling inside my gut that I attribute to that incident.

The electrocution was only one of many accidents that I have been the victim of.

The year before the electrocution I fell asleep on a lilo, which drifted into the deep end of a swimming pool. I woke up, panicked when I realized where I was (I couldn't swim at this point) and abruptly fell right into the water, because I'm cool like that.
My Dad saw the empty lilo and rescued me moments later, but not before I had accepted my fate and blacked out (from the lack of oxygen or from the shock I do not know).
That same year I was chased by an extremely large, extremely angry pit-bull that had probably escaped from somewhere as it still had a bit of chewed rope hanging from it's collar. I got to my front door and pounded on the window until my little fists hurt and was once again rescued by my Dad, who chased away the extremely large and extremely angry pit-bull.

 The worst injury I have ever obtained, the one that left the worst scar (unfortunately right in the top center of my face) is also, weirdly, the one I remember the least about. 
I was about four years old and very excitable, as most children that age are. I was running top-speed down the hallway to see my Nanna who was in the room at the end of it. My feet got all tangled up together and I somehow ended up hitting my head (at top toddler-speed) against the sharp edge of a door frame. My forehead was split right down the middle (leaving me with a fashionable Harry Potter-esque scar).
According to my aunts, I didn't even notice as the doctor was stitching up the wound. Toddlers should be in the army or something. 
Wait, forget I said that. [incoming hate mail]

I was thinking, just after speaking to my friend about these incidents, that I was glad I was now old enough not to get myself into these bad incidents and that I was capable of movement enough that silly accidents were a thing of the past.
But if you read my previous post, you would know that very recently I fell down a flight of stairs because I couldn't see over the blankets I was carrying.
Some things really don't ever change...


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pre-Father's Day and the Revenge of the Marshmallow

Today I got up early, buzzing with energy. As it is Father's Day on Sunday, I thought I'd get up early and go to the shopping center to buy my Dad a gift. As I started out the day I was aglow with motivation and energy.
As I was preparing to leave my house, however, I noticed a few things that needed to be done before I could take care of my main task. These were little chores that took very little effort but gradually etched away at my motivation and energy levels.
First of all, there were tonnes of dishes that needed to be washed (our dishwasher recently broke down-probably from the stress brought on by the massive workload we inflicted upon it).
Then there were a pile of clothes to be cleaned. I had forgotten to put them in the machine the night before so of course the load had built up as more people added to it. So there was quite a lot to sort and clean.
As I finished these chores and was preparing to leave, my energy levels were still somewhat intact and I had deflated a little motivation-wise but was still prepared to complete the task of gift-buying I had set myself. As I passed by my bedroom, I remembered that I had been putting off changing my bed covers for a few days now. This is my least favorite task. I stand at little over 5 foot and trying to get my duvet covers onto the blankets is like trying to fight my way out of the stomach of a giant marshmallow; it's tiring and it takes enormous amounts of strain to move with the heavy unwieldy burden. 
It was, however, a necessary task because my friends would be coming over the following day and so I couldn't put it off this time.
All I can say is, the marshmallow won. Not only did I completely exhaust myself fighting the new duvet cover onto my blankets, I also tripped when I tried to carry the old ones down the stairs (I couldn't see over the pile in my hands and my ankles caught in the parts trailing on the floor-yes, I am aware I am tiny). 
I don't think there is anything better for zapping your strength and happiness like falling down a flight of stairs while wrapped in sheets and duvet covers. Imagine that marshmallow that swallowed me from before; he had apparently now gotten on a trampoline with me inside.
This wrestling session and subsequent tumble left me in no mood to do anything except sit on a sofa somewhere and eat the HECK out of some marshmallows (let's see how they feel!). 
I was exhausted and snappy and everyone tried to avoid me lest I consume them face-first.
Later on in the evening, when my mind returned from it's little rage spiral I decided I would leave the gift-buying until tomorrow. As my Dad left for work he came into my room and thanked me for all the work I had done in the house. A satisfaction of a job well-done came over me. I may not have done the task I had initially set out to do but I had completed several little chores that meant my Dad had had a little break from them. It was a little pre-Father's Day gift without me even realizing it. 
With these chores done, it means that tomorrow I have the entire day free to shop for my Dad's present without interruption AND I get to see my friends (who I haven't seen in awhile due to exams). So all in all, it really was a productive day and for that it could be called a GOOD day.
On a side note, eating all those marshmallows made me queasy: Revenge of the Marshmallow!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Begins

So now my exams are completely behind me, results day is looming and I have the whole summer ahead of me. Problem is, I have very little to fill it with. Some friends are still stuck doing exams while others are going abroad or are busy with partners/other engagements. Which leaves little old me stuck in a vacuum of boredom. I've painted my nails have a million different ways at this stage. I've cleaned and re-cleaned the house. I've doodled and hummed to myself. I've even resorted to studying for next years course, that's how bored I am.
The funny thing is, I haven't actually been free from college very long. I just get bored easily. In my head I appear to be passing days at a stretch without entertainment.

When in reality I've only really been free of college commitments for about a week, and most of that week I've been very busy. I think I am idle for about an hour or two a day (usually this is the time I start drawing up new blog entries) at most, yet I somehow manage to make it feel like the world is passing me by. Perhaps I should take up some sort of hobby...but then again, I don't think I even have the time for one...

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Babysitting and Paranoia

For the past four days I've had the run of the house. My parents went abroad for a long weekend, leaving me in charge of my younger siblings and the running of our home for the first time. I've done babysitting before but never for more than a day and my parents were always usually a phone call away.
With the amount of preparation that went into it, I was worried that within moments of my parents leaving I would end up in a corner rocking back and forth, gum and wadded paper in my hair and crayola on the walls.

This thankfully didn't happen. There was a lot of work to be done however. But the stress was a gentler, more domestic kind. Two younger siblings can create a whole lot of mess and there was general cleaning duties to be done too. I wanted the house to be sparkling clean for when my parents got back. So I armed myself appropriately..

Once the cleaning was done, my main problem was not actually the control of my siblings. It was my own paranoia.

Everything was rerun through my head every night before bed. If something clicked or hummed or especially if it went bang in the night I would immediately awake and go in search of the source of noise. I was constantly worried that the one time I had been left alone with my siblings and the house would also be the one time we got broken into. I was worried constantly for my siblings' safety rather than the safety of the house or myself. They are at the age where they are permitted to go outside with friends until late. If they returned even two minutes after curfew I was livid with rage and fear. How could I protect them if they weren't around me? These four mere days of constant worry and edginess have driven me to make a resolute conclusion about my life.
I am NEVER having children.