Sunday, 19 June 2011

Incidents and Accidents

When I was little, one of my favorite activities seemed to be trying to get myself irreversibly harmed in some way. Recently I was discussing one of these incidents with a friend of mine. 
It all started because I was left alone for five minutes (something that is unheard of with post-nineties children). I was happily playing with my mothers makeup, as little girls are apt to do.
It was all going just fine until I picked up a bobby pin. For those of you who don't know, a bobby pin is simply a bendy little piece of metal that women use to hold back errant bits of hair. Unfortunately for me, metal can conduct electricity. I'm sure you already see where this is going (because why else would I have included a plug socket so conveniently in the doodles?).
My little brain began to do it's thing; calculating what might happen should I put this piece of metal inside the plug socket. 
Needless to say, my calculations did NOT include the phrase "you will be electrocuted". I think "gain super human strength" was in there somewhere, however.
I twisted the little piece of metal so that the prongs would stick into two of the holes of the plug socket. The moment the metal touched the inside of the socket, I got a nasty shock and the trip-switch shut down the power for the entire house. My parents, who were in another room, saw that the power cut out and panicked. This had been one of many incidences where I had caused household freak-outs. 
When they ran into the room where I sat, all they saw was a shell-shocked child.
This, as every parent knows, is the calm before the storm. It took a few seconds to dawn on me what had happened. Then came the tears.
I was determined to have suffered no physical damage after this incident...but I still occasionally get an intensely itchy feeling inside my gut that I attribute to that incident.

The electrocution was only one of many accidents that I have been the victim of.

The year before the electrocution I fell asleep on a lilo, which drifted into the deep end of a swimming pool. I woke up, panicked when I realized where I was (I couldn't swim at this point) and abruptly fell right into the water, because I'm cool like that.
My Dad saw the empty lilo and rescued me moments later, but not before I had accepted my fate and blacked out (from the lack of oxygen or from the shock I do not know).
That same year I was chased by an extremely large, extremely angry pit-bull that had probably escaped from somewhere as it still had a bit of chewed rope hanging from it's collar. I got to my front door and pounded on the window until my little fists hurt and was once again rescued by my Dad, who chased away the extremely large and extremely angry pit-bull.

 The worst injury I have ever obtained, the one that left the worst scar (unfortunately right in the top center of my face) is also, weirdly, the one I remember the least about. 
I was about four years old and very excitable, as most children that age are. I was running top-speed down the hallway to see my Nanna who was in the room at the end of it. My feet got all tangled up together and I somehow ended up hitting my head (at top toddler-speed) against the sharp edge of a door frame. My forehead was split right down the middle (leaving me with a fashionable Harry Potter-esque scar).
According to my aunts, I didn't even notice as the doctor was stitching up the wound. Toddlers should be in the army or something. 
Wait, forget I said that. [incoming hate mail]

I was thinking, just after speaking to my friend about these incidents, that I was glad I was now old enough not to get myself into these bad incidents and that I was capable of movement enough that silly accidents were a thing of the past.
But if you read my previous post, you would know that very recently I fell down a flight of stairs because I couldn't see over the blankets I was carrying.
Some things really don't ever change...



  1. I'm sorry to laugh at your pain, but these were great. XD Glad you've survived long enough to write about them though!

    I am also reminded of my own drowning story. It is truly an epic tale... I'll have to tell it sometime. ;)

  2. Haha it's so weird..I dunno how many bloggers I've come across at this stage that have a drowning story...maybe that brief period with no oxygen in our brains is what caused us to become doodle bloggers! xD

  3. LOL, genius theory!!!
    Who else has one?

  4. I can't remember now the names, I just recall encountering them before. And only recently I came across one randomly through the Coffee Shop forum. If I find it again I'll send it to you haha! You should post up your drowning story hah!

  5. A few days ago I was electrocuted while scrubbing the fridge. I didn't know what hit me.

  6. This is so funny! Oh and guess what- I've got a drowning story :) I think your theory has at least some truth to it because I'm also comenting to tell you that I made my first doodle :) check it out! (and I should tell about my drowning story sometime)

  7. Haha looks like some of us bloggers are very accident prone!
    Lookin' good Abby! Hope you do more of them! I always enjoy reading doodle blogs :) They're my favorite genre!

  8. Just did another one :) Hey, maybe if I keep this up you could add me to the vault.

  9. If you think you will do it as a regular thing, you should think about adding your own URL to the Vault now Abby :) I like your drawing style and your entries are funny :) Maybe you were destined to be a Doodle blogger!

  10. Maybe :) I hope so, this is fun

  11. Good to hear you're enjoying it! :D

  12. Well I kinda owe you one, i wouldnt have started this if not for you :)

  13. I suggest you look at my most recent post :) I mentioned your blog

  14. Haha you keep getting better :) And thank you Abby, that was very considerate of you! :)