Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kids Movies

*WARNING: This entry contains spoilers for the movies: Up, Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1 and 2 and Wall-E. If you haven't seen them...well, why the heck haven't you???..Go watch them before you read this! *

I love kids movies. I think I love them more than movies more appropriate to my age. I especially love Pixar films as they always get the right balance between happiness and sadness. 
Lately I was talking to my Better Half about how I cry while watching every single one of my favorite kids films. This means he can't be around me when I watch them because he just doesn't know what to do with himself. I don't think he realizes that most of the time I'm crying out of happiness or because something is touching and not because I feel actually bad in any way.
My best friend recently bought me a copy of the movie 'Up'. This is a curse as well as a blessing as I sob uncontrollably about four times at different points in this film. Its mainly due to the plot about Ellie and Carl's past..and the scrapbook scene near the end. During those scenes I sit in front of the TV and sob my silly little heart out.

It's confusing to watch 'Up' because moments after I feel like my heart is breaking, Dug and Kevin come on-screen and do/say something that has me in hysterics laughing!

The movies that have the longest standing record with me for being sad enough to make me cry are the first two Toy Story Films. To this day I can watch them and still bawl my eyes out.
The first Toy Story has the scene where Buzz finds out he really is a toy but attempts to fly anyway, probably because he has a head made of plastic and therefore isn't that bright.

The second Toy Story has the story of Jessie the cowgirl. When I was little I loved Jessie. Her character reached out to me: a stubborn, independent young lady with tonnes of energy and a devil may care attitude. She was what I wanted to be like in every way at that age. Hearing her back story had me in tears, and still causes me to well up to this day, 11 years later.
I should probably go back to stick figures, this is just dreadful.

Another feisty female character that I really like from kids movies is Eve from Wall-E. How could you not like her? When she's happy she has the most adorable little giggle and looks like this:

And when she's annoyed she has a really cool gun hidden in her arm and she looks intimidating as heck!

Wall-E made me cry about twice. The worst was when Eve sees Wall-E's security tapes when he's shut down and realizes what good care he took of her when she was on standby mode. That was just hella sweet ^_^

A movie that I just remembered, Monsters Inc, made me cry once  just because at the very end things work out in a sweet way. I love the character of Boo, she's just so cute. She reminds me of Agnes from the Despicable Me movie. I'd squish their adorable little faces if I got half the chance! Boo's little monster costume was the cutest thing ever! ^_^


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