Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pre-Father's Day and the Revenge of the Marshmallow

Today I got up early, buzzing with energy. As it is Father's Day on Sunday, I thought I'd get up early and go to the shopping center to buy my Dad a gift. As I started out the day I was aglow with motivation and energy.
As I was preparing to leave my house, however, I noticed a few things that needed to be done before I could take care of my main task. These were little chores that took very little effort but gradually etched away at my motivation and energy levels.
First of all, there were tonnes of dishes that needed to be washed (our dishwasher recently broke down-probably from the stress brought on by the massive workload we inflicted upon it).
Then there were a pile of clothes to be cleaned. I had forgotten to put them in the machine the night before so of course the load had built up as more people added to it. So there was quite a lot to sort and clean.
As I finished these chores and was preparing to leave, my energy levels were still somewhat intact and I had deflated a little motivation-wise but was still prepared to complete the task of gift-buying I had set myself. As I passed by my bedroom, I remembered that I had been putting off changing my bed covers for a few days now. This is my least favorite task. I stand at little over 5 foot and trying to get my duvet covers onto the blankets is like trying to fight my way out of the stomach of a giant marshmallow; it's tiring and it takes enormous amounts of strain to move with the heavy unwieldy burden. 
It was, however, a necessary task because my friends would be coming over the following day and so I couldn't put it off this time.
All I can say is, the marshmallow won. Not only did I completely exhaust myself fighting the new duvet cover onto my blankets, I also tripped when I tried to carry the old ones down the stairs (I couldn't see over the pile in my hands and my ankles caught in the parts trailing on the floor-yes, I am aware I am tiny). 
I don't think there is anything better for zapping your strength and happiness like falling down a flight of stairs while wrapped in sheets and duvet covers. Imagine that marshmallow that swallowed me from before; he had apparently now gotten on a trampoline with me inside.
This wrestling session and subsequent tumble left me in no mood to do anything except sit on a sofa somewhere and eat the HECK out of some marshmallows (let's see how they feel!). 
I was exhausted and snappy and everyone tried to avoid me lest I consume them face-first.
Later on in the evening, when my mind returned from it's little rage spiral I decided I would leave the gift-buying until tomorrow. As my Dad left for work he came into my room and thanked me for all the work I had done in the house. A satisfaction of a job well-done came over me. I may not have done the task I had initially set out to do but I had completed several little chores that meant my Dad had had a little break from them. It was a little pre-Father's Day gift without me even realizing it. 
With these chores done, it means that tomorrow I have the entire day free to shop for my Dad's present without interruption AND I get to see my friends (who I haven't seen in awhile due to exams). So all in all, it really was a productive day and for that it could be called a GOOD day.
On a side note, eating all those marshmallows made me queasy: Revenge of the Marshmallow!


  1. "...and trying to get my duvet covers onto the blankets is like trying to fight my way out of the stomach of a giant marshmallow."

    All I can say is... [nevermind, sorry, I'm too busy laughing].

  2. Haha that's what I imagine every time I have to do that task. The 'Mortal Kombat' theme song plays in my head and the room looks like a battlefield when I'm done!

  3. I like the pictures :) did you make them on paint shop?

  4. Thanks for your comment :) I make them on MS Paint 'coz I'm old skool that way haha :B

  5. Oh yeah, that's what I meant. Whoops, I forgot paint shop was the fancy smanshy one. Haha. I should try this out some time on my blog.

  6. You should! It's good fun to use as it's so easy!