Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Begins

So now my exams are completely behind me, results day is looming and I have the whole summer ahead of me. Problem is, I have very little to fill it with. Some friends are still stuck doing exams while others are going abroad or are busy with partners/other engagements. Which leaves little old me stuck in a vacuum of boredom. I've painted my nails have a million different ways at this stage. I've cleaned and re-cleaned the house. I've doodled and hummed to myself. I've even resorted to studying for next years course, that's how bored I am.
The funny thing is, I haven't actually been free from college very long. I just get bored easily. In my head I appear to be passing days at a stretch without entertainment.

When in reality I've only really been free of college commitments for about a week, and most of that week I've been very busy. I think I am idle for about an hour or two a day (usually this is the time I start drawing up new blog entries) at most, yet I somehow manage to make it feel like the world is passing me by. Perhaps I should take up some sort of hobby...but then again, I don't think I even have the time for one...


  1. But blogging IS a hobby! And drawing pictures and blogging is like... double the hobbyness. =D

    Hahaha. But studying for next year's courses? O.O That is some serious commitment.

  2. Blogging and drawing to me are like breathing...they occupy time only if I allow myself to be aware that they do!

    Haha yeah I'll be top of the class next year but with no stories to tell about my summer!