Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Summer Checklist

Now that my exam results have come out (I thankfully passed my first year in University!), I can begin my summer at last. I have come up with a few things I want to have done/ have planned for the onslaught of empty days to come.
This Saturday is when I kick start my To Do list. In Dublin (the city I live in), there will be a Gay Pride Festival as part of Pride week. I'm going to this with one of my best friends. We have already armed ourselves with the necessities required to make the day more fun.
Following this initial breaking-the-ice event, I have the rest of my Summer planned as the following:

1. Reward myself for all my hard work during the college year by sleeping in late.

2. Make up for all the parties I missed during the exam season by partying HARD.

3. Have another lie in to recover from all that intense partying.

4. Get my hair cut. This is usually an ordeal because the woman who cuts my hair only ever talks to me about three things: Going abroad, college, and the weather. I'm not going abroad this year. I don't want to talk about college during the summer. The weather in Ireland is consistently either mild or rainy; never an exciting conversation topic. I wish she would just say nothing at all and get on with the hair cut. She also wears so much makeup she reminds me of an oompa loompa AND she chastises me on the condition of my hair!....Whoops, I'm ranting! Moving on...
5. Go to Eirtakon (an Irish cosplay convention) as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon (or in a similarly geeky costume).

6. Teach myself how to shuffle like Redfoo and SkyBlu by watching LMFAO videos all day.

7. Have an Epic Mealtime Day. If you don't know what Epic Mealtime is, go to Youtube here in order to watch one of my favorite videos of theirs. In short, they specialize in creating meals that are extremely high in calories.

If I have planned this out correctly, all of this will take me precisely one week. Which leaves me with eleven more to spend wallowing in my own boredom.

Halfway through writing this post I was invited to a party that's on tomorrow..looks like my official summer is getting started a day early!

Have a great summer, whatever you do!


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