Sunday, 24 July 2011


For the last few days I've been away on a camping trip. It was my first time going camping and although plenty of things went comically wrong, it was a fun experience.
I'm still exhausted from sleeping rough so rather than do a doodle post, below I have included some pictures taken while I was away. Most of them are scenic pictures because I love the lush green colours of Ireland's countryside. I complain a lot about the people who run this country, but I will never argue the use of the nickname 'Emerald Isle' for the island itself. I've been abroad a lot but I've never come across a place as green and as vibrant looking as the countryside in Ireland during the summer.
Early morning shot of a nearby field

A white German Shepard I made friends with :) Picture taken through the bug flap of the tent

My shadow on the grass

A cow field near the beach

There's my buddy again!

At the beach

The beach again

I'll put up a normal doodle post about my many incidents and failures during my trip in a few days. Watch this space and don't forget to vote in the poll if you haven't already done so!


  1. This looks like an interesting trip. How come you camped on the grass instead of at the beach/in the sand?

    I like your website but can't find where to vote in the poll. Also I was unable to follow you, I see you have the Follow widget installed but the button to join your site is not working?

  2. Hi Essay, we camped on the grass because in the part of Ireland we were staying, the beaches aren't the most comfortable to camp on. The grass is nice and springy :)
    The poll expired because it was based on a change I was making to the site and I got enough votes to make my decision :) Also, I'm not sure what is wrong with the Follow widget...have you tried clicking it using a different browser? I'll look into it in the meantime..