Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The No-No's

I'm extraordinarily sensitive to caffeine and various other hyper-inducing products. Some of the things that induce giddyness in me are surprising. My top five no-no's are as follows:

The other day I wanted to do my nails for a party. Unfortunately I had two...not one, but TWO products from the no-no list before attempting this. An orange and a cup of tea. My hands, rather than being their usual I'm-on-a-bumpy-bus-journey steady...were shaking in a way that would suggest to an onlooker that the richter scale was doing the mambo. I had originally set out to do my nails carefully and slowly in order to keep both them and my desk neat and tidy.

After making a thorough mess of the place and my hands...I removed the nail varnish and attempted to start again. It was then that I realised I had run out of white nail polish. If I had been thinking straight, I would have chosen another colour...but I had had two no-no's and was feeling rebellious. I attempted to replace white nail varnish with tip-ex.

Here's my top nail-designing tip: NEVER replace white nail varnish with tip-ex. My nails were ruined and my desk was an even bigger mess than before. This hardly bothered me in my elevated state however.

I proceeded two hours later to momentarily mix up my razor with my toothbrush...I was seconds away from shaving a layer of enamel from my teeth when I realised my mistake and quickly swapped them over again.

Maybe I should stick to water and crackers for the duration of my existence...

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